Who is behind all of that?

various is your online shop and design studio for industrial design steel pipe interior. Our designs are kept distinct, Scandinavian-like clean and elegant at once. Straight edges create decent contrasts. Symmetries create coolness, calm and structure. The colours black, white and grey provide consistency. Especially in combination with wood and plants steel furniture act authentically and naturally.

Behind that, it’s us, Lisa and Pat from Hamburg, Germany. various, founded in 2015 out of pure passion, happened by chance, looking for an open industrial design wardrobe for your own bedroom. Since we didn’t find anything suitable, we eventually built something on our own. From the open closet, more designs followed for friends. Starting from there, the online shop and the design studio behind it arose.

various is based in St. Pauli, the probably most alternative and liberal quarter of Germany’s trade & media stronghold and harbour city Hamburg. All our products are manufactured with love by hand in Germany. Great team work, fun at work, fair partnerships and sustainability are key for us.